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5 reasons you need a minivan

By Robert Ostfield on February 3, 2017

So you have decided to settle down and become a grownup. This means you have a real job, married your spouse, bought a house, produced some offspring, and you might even have decided to get a family pet. Now you need to pick the right vehicle to reflect your grownup lifestyle.

Although you may want to fight and avoid it – face it, you need a minivan. You, your spouse, your 2.7 kids and the dog will be a lot happier in a minivan. Although there are only a handful of manufacturers making minivans these days – it’s still the best solution for family hauling. Here are some reasons why:

1. Value

Minivans give you a lot of bang for your buck. For example, around $30k CAN can get you a base Honda Odyssey, which will come with a powerful V6 engine, backup camera, 7 passenger seating, airbags all around, and much more. You will need to spend more cash to get an equivalent 7 passenger SUV with this quality.

2. Practicality

Yes, you can buy 7 or 8 passenger SUVs, but they still aren’t as practical as a minivan. With their flexible seating and family friendly layout, minivans are designed to carry people and their stuff with ease. SUVs are essentially pickup trucks with an enclosed box and some seats stuffed in there. Compared to a minivan which are built from the ground up to accommodate families.

3. Power sliding doors

Power sliding doors are very key for any family. It’s either standard or optional on most minivans. You press a button and voila – the sliding doors automatically open. Not only do they open themselves, there is less chance of damaging the doors, compared to a large SUV which will have big doors that swing open.

4. You can get All Wheel Drive (AWD)

Many people argue they need a SUV for all wheel power. Although only 1% of SUV buyers actually need AWD, you can get this feature on the lovely Toyota Sienna. The Sienna will provide minivan practicality, decent performance and also have no problems getting up the mountain for skiing with the family.

5. Be authentic

Face it, you are an adult and a parent and minivans are part of the package. You can spend more money on the fancy SUV, but they have become ubiquitous and everyone knows they are just family haulers. The minivan is the best solution on the market for your family. It will give you the best combination of value, practicality, fuel economy and safety. They are designed exactly for the needs of a family – so face reality and buy the fuc*ing minivan already.

Not sure which minivan is the best option for you? WeeL can help. Email us at or call 1 (888) 657-3296.

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