WeeL is always finding the most convenient and cost-effective solutions to repair our customers’ cars. Often times repairing a vehicle requires replacing parts, and that poses a question about the types of replacement parts that should be used.

Drivers usually have the following options with replacement parts:

  • Genuine – A Genuine part is the part that was originally put in your car when it was new. It comes in a box with the car maker’s logo so you will think your car manufacturer made it. It was actually made by another company. These are the most expensive types of parts you can purchase mainly because you are paying for the logo.

  • OEM – OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This part was built by the company that originally made it for the car company. It is the exact same part that came in your car. It simply doesn’t have the car maker’s logo on it. These are the exact same as genuine parts but are a much better value.

  • Aftermarket – Aftermarket parts are made by a company other than the original manufacturer. These parts are made to fit and perform as well as, and in some cases better than the original.

So which type of parts should you use? It really depends on the type of car, the part required, and who is servicing the vehicle. For example if you take it to a dealership, they are going to recommend a genuine replacement part, from the original vehicle manufacturer. However if you have the vehicle serviced by an independent and trustworthy mechanic, they may lean towards an OEM or aftermarket part, as it may provide better value or better performance.

So what parts should you use?

If you visit the dealer for maintaining your vehicle, expect them to use Genuine Parts from the manufacturer. If you use an aftermarket shop, expect them to recommend OEM parts. There is nothing wrong with OEM as you might be getting the exact same quality part as the Genuine Parts – it just won’t have the logo on the box. In our experience for cars that are older and out of warranty, OEM and aftermarket parts usually provide excellent performance at reasonable prices. However your mechanic should be able to advise on the best solution for your vehicle’s situation.

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