Buying a used car can be a great decision, often times saving you thousands of dollars compared to buying new. However, because the vehicle isn’t brand new, it has a history – sometimes good and sometimes bad. When purchasing a used vehicle, its imperative you know the history and mechanical condition, and ensure you aren’t buying a car load of problems.

Here are two key steps when purchasing a used vehicle:

  1. Get a CARPROOF report. A CARPROOF report will provide key vehicle history information, including:

    • Accident, collision and damage detail
      This section compiles data from collision estimating facilities, insurance information and police reports to let you know what, if any, damage the vehicle has sustained in its life.

    • Lien status
      Available on CARPROOF Verified report, this section shows liens registered against the vehicle that have been identified by searching the personal property and security registries of the Canadian province or territory you’re located in (if the vehicle is currently registered there) and every other province and territory in Canada where the vehicle was registered or had its registration renewed within the past year.

    • Canadian registration and branding
      A look at where in Canada and the U.S. the vehicle is, or has been registered, as well as the status of the vehicle in those jurisdictions.

    • Stolen vehicle check
      This check provides data from the Canadian Police Information Centre to see if the vehicle is marked as actively stolen.

    • Import records
      Here you’ll find any applicable details about the vehicle being imported or exported between Canada and the U.S.

  2. Have a proper Used Vehicle Inspection completed (also known as a PPI – Pre Purchase Inspection)

Although there are resources like CARPROOF which will provide a vehicle history, if you are seriously considering a vehicle, its best to have a certified mechanic perform an inspection. The mechanic will pinpoint any current and existing conditions, as well as highlight potential issues that could arise in the future. By learning more about what’s happening underneath the hood, you’ll either feel more confident that you’re making a great investment or you’ll discover that there are a few hidden conditions that could give you more leverage with price negotiations.

Are you in the market for a used car? Do you require a used vehicle inspection? WeeL can help. Email us at or call 1 (888) 657-3296

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