Is your new vehicle warranty about to expire? Or has it recently expired? There are some steps you will want to take immediately, especially if you plan on keeping the vehicle for awhile longer. These steps will ensure your vehicle is running at its best, and save you money in the process.

Most new cars in Canada are equipped with a basic bumper to bumper, 3 year or 60,000 km warranty (whichever comes first), however some manufacturers offer longer warranties. For example most luxury vehicles in Canada are sold with a 4 year or 100,000 km warranty, while Kia and Hyundai offer an even longer warranty of 5 years or 100,000 km warranty.

It’s important to recognize that your engine, transmission and differential (extremely important and expensive components in your vehicle) are usually covered for longer periods of time, and wear and tear items like brakes, windshield wipers and bulbs are generally covered for 1 year or 20,000 kms.

What to do if your warranty is about to expire?

  1. If you are having a problem and your vehicle and its still covered under warranty, visit the dealer and get the issue documented and repaired ASAP! Your new car dealer is paid by the manufacturer to repair the vehicle, so they are more than happy to help you. And you don’t need to visit the dealer who originally sold the vehicle. Any dealer who sells the same make of vehicle is obligated and willing to repair the vehicle.

  2. If you are planning to keep the vehicle for another few years, it might be worthwhile to invest in an extended warranty. With all the technology going into cars these days, they are getting more and more expensive to fix. If you are visiting your new car dealer, they can provide you extended warranty options from the manufacturer, along with aftermarket suppliers. And just like anything in the car business, those prices are negotiable. Keep in mind the warranty company might require a mechanical inspection of the vehicle before they can offer coverage.

What to do if your warranty has expired but you have a problem?

  1. If you are having a problem with your vehicle and its recently out of warranty, you might be able to get coverage. If your warranty just expired, rush over to your closest dealer, and often in the interest of good customer service, the dealer will find a way to cover the repair. Alternatively the issue you’re experiencing might be common with that vehicle and well known by the manufacturer – in this case the dealer and manufacturer MIGHT cover the cost as a “good will” repair, even though the vehicle is out of warranty.

  2. If your vehicle has been out of warranty for over 3 months, the dealer and manufacturer have no obligation to cover the repair. Your only hope is a discount from the dealer, which is something you can negotiate if you have been a loyal customer.

  3. As we explained above, if you are planning to keep the vehicle for a few more years, an extended warranty might be a worthwhile investment.

And of course if you are having some issues with your current car or if you need a new car, WeeL would love the opportunity to help you! You can also call us anytime at 1 (888) 657-3296

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