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Yes – You Need Winter Tires

By Robert Ostfield on October 4, 2016

It disappeared quicker than it arrived. Summer, my friends, is gone, and winter is slowly but surely creeping up on us. So, do you need winter tires? Short answer: YES! Yes, you need four winter tires, and no, I don’t care if your car has “all season tires” or if it has 4WD or AWD. When the snow falls and the ice freezes, it doesn’t matter. Snow tires will keep you safe. Below, I talk about how this investment can save your life, and how you can get snow tires installed without leaving your house (yes, you read that correctly).

Dressing for the Occasion

Imagine this: it’s snowing and icy outside, and it’s bitterly cold. Will you be wearing your high heels or running shoes? I’d guess not. My bet is you are going to wear your snow boots. Why? Because you are dressing for the conditions. When it comes to your car or SUV, it’s no different; they need to be dressed for the conditions, just like you do.

Your all season or performance tires (which are generally standard equipment on a vehicle) are not equipped to deal with wintery conditions. These tires are made with a rubber compound that prevents them from being able to grip properly when the temperature drops below seven degrees Celsius. Additionally the tread pattern on winter tires are better able to grip the snow and ice, compared to the standard tires equipped to your car.

A Wise Investment

So, it’s time to buy some winter tires and rims, and this will no doubt cost you some dough. Luckily, this is an investment that will pay for itself (including saving your life). Here are some reasons why:

  1. By installing a set of winter tires, you are increasing the life of your standard tires. If your snow tires are installed between November and March, that’s five harsh months your standard tires don’t need to be in service.
  2. Winter tires can prevent a fender bender, which will save you the hassle of getting your car fixed, and avoiding an accident also helps keep your insurance rates low. Your insurance company will also start giving you a discount if you install four winter tires during the snowy months. This discount is a requirement by the Ontario government, which started on January 1, 2016. (Speak with your insurance company about getting this discount)
  3. Winter tires may save your life. As we discussed above, all season or performance tires are not designed for winter conditions. A set of winter tires may prevent you from getting into trouble by allowing you to maintain control of your vehicle. Winter tires will stop between 25-50% faster in winter conditions compared to an all season tire.

If you own or lease your car or SUV, or whatever make or model you drive, please keep yourself and everyone on the road safe by making sure you are ready for the conditions. Outfit your car properly, and get the proper tires.

Get your snow tires installed without moving a muscle

Don’t have winter tires? Click here and WeeL design a winter tire package customized for your vehicle and budget. We will even come to your house and install them!

Need your current winter tires installed? Email us at or call us at 1 (888) 657-3296

Happy motoring!
The WeeL Team

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