Understandably with the lockdown, cars are not getting their regular routine of commutes to work, school, and other extracurricular activities. The majority of your car’s life for the past little while has likely been spent sitting at home, with the occasional trip to the grocery store.

Unfortunately, a lack of driving can create unexpected problems for your vehicle. Cars are designed to be driven, and when they are not, there are some surprise consequences you might find when you get back behind the wheel.

  1. Dead or Weakened Battery

    Even when parked, your car is still draining power from the battery. Features like your security system, radio, clock and other components still require power even when the car is sitting still. Normally your battery gets a recharge when the vehicle is driven, but without a regular drive, the battery does not get that opportunity. This can result in a dead battery or a severely compromised battery.

  2. Brake Corrosion or Seizure

    With freezing temperatures, it’s normal for your brakes to develop a small batch of rust. Normally this rust would be scraped away with regular use, but as the car sits, this may not be possible, resulting in dangerous brake performance, brake noise, or complete brake seizure.

  3. Flat Spots on Tires

    As the car continues to sit, the tires can also experience damage through flat spotting. This occurs when the vehicle does not move, but a portion of the tire continues to support the entire weight of the vehicle for extended periods. This can create an uneven surface in the tire, resulting in a choppy ride and compromised traction.

When you get back into the driver’s seat and if you experience these problems or if you require any other vehicle assistance, we are ready to help!

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