At WeeL, our mission is to make automotive maintenance and repairs easier, less stressful and more affordable for our customers. We accomplish this through our network of preferred, certified service partners, who have been vetted by WeeL for their quality service. These partners also provide our customers competitive pricing for vehicle maintenance and repairs.

WeeL will never choose providers that sacrifice quality or safety to be the cheapest solution. Our service partners are experienced, and provide a great customer experience – and consequently charge a fair price for their services. Like anything in life, you get what you pay for, and automotive maintenance and repair is no different.

Here are some considerations when getting your vehicle maintained, and why paying a bit more will pay off in the long run.

Sometimes it’s too good to be true

If something is too good to be true, it most likely is. Ever noticed the $29.99 oil change? Well its priced so low because the service provider is using a low quality filter, cheap oil – or they are using it as a draw to get you in the door, and hopefully sell you other high margin services. In the end you might be spending more money than you originally planned and with possibly subpar quality of parts and service.

You want the right people working on your car

Not just anybody can fix your car. It takes the right tools, training and experience to be able to properly diagnose vehicle issues and perform the appropriate repairs. If a shop or mechanic is charging an extremely low price compared to everyone else, they probably don’t have the proper qualifications or tools to perform the work. Consequently you might pay twice – once to the shady service provider, and twice to a reputable service provider who can actually fix the car.

No warranty

Any shop or mechanic who does not provide a warranty on their work is an immediate red flag. If there is an issue with the work performed on the vehicle, that service provider should be willing to stand behind the repair, and work with the customer to find a reasonable resolution to the problem. Nobody wants to pay someone who “grabs the money and runs,” and leaves the customer stranded.

By choosing WeeL, we make a commitment to our customers with three “Rights:”

  1. Right Provider – WeeL connects you with pre-qualified service providers, certified to work on your vehicle and will stand behind their work.
  2. Right Time – WeeL is there when you need it, saving you time. Rely on us to coordinate your vehicle service.
  3. Right Price – WeeL ensures our customers pay a fair price for the service being performed on their vehicle.

If you are dealing with an automotive issue, we would love the opportunity to help!

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